Our Products

Olive oil is considered by our family the most important farm product we produce, not only for its excellent sensory properties and benefits, but also for the precious nature of the product itself. Our 4-hectare family run biological olive groveis home to four different variety of olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil derived from the union of these 4 varieties, reflects an harmony of aromas and flavors typical of the Chianti countryside, characterized by a hint of spice, fresh grass and artichoke.

Every year in November the whole family gathers for the harvest (which lasts for about three weeks), living in an atmosphere of anticipation for the first pressing and tasting of the new oil. The traditional way to celebrate and taste the new oil is to pour over toasted bread on which fresh garlic has been rubbed on, the so-called “Fettunta”.
Our desire is to share, through the tasting, a journey through the knowledge of the oil, its properties and its use in the Mediterranean diet, emphasizingthe importance of the consumption of a local, organic and quality superior product.